Protecting Northern Michigan's ​Water Resources

Inland Lakes

Our service area includes numerous inland lakes. The region also boasts some of the State's deepest lakes with five lakes having maximum depths of 100 feet or more.

The Watershed Council service area includes:

  • 14 lakes with a surface area of 1,000 acres or more,
  • 38 lakes between 100 – 1,000 acres,
  • 184 between 10 – 100 acres, and
  • 1,600 lakes with less than 10 acres.
Douglas Lake, Cheboygan County
Douglas Lake, Cheboygan County
We are currently building our library of information, photographs, history, and monitoring data on the waterbodies in our service area. If you have information related to a particular lake, river, or stream or would like to volunteer to assist with our monitoring program, please reach out to us through our contact form. We would sincerely appreciate your assistance as we build our library and provide a valuable resource.

Lake Profiles

Adams Lake

Monitoring and Research: An aquatic plant survey was conducted on Adams Lake in 2010. Additional Resources: Media Gallery:

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Bass Lake

Monitoring and Research: Bass Lake is monitored every three years through the Watershed Council’s Comprehensive Water Quality Monitoring

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Burt Lake

Description: Burt Lake is one of the prominent boating and fishing destinations in Michigan. Located roughly in the

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Clam Lake

Description: Clam Lake is a long, slender lake situated in a valley between Torch Lake and Lake Bellaire

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Deer Lake

Description: Deer Lake is moderately sized kettle lake located in south-central Charlevoix County. High hills stand between the

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Elk Lake

Description: Elk Lake is positioned between Lake Skegemog and East Grand Traverse Bay adjacent to the Village of

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Huffman Lake

Description: Huffman Lake is located in the northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan in the southeast corner of Charlevoix

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Lance Lake

Description: Lance Lake is a small albeit deep lake in Nunda Township of Cheboygan County. The southern half

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Larks Lake

Description: Larks Lake is a quiet, shallow, and largely pristine lake in northern Emmet County. Although moderately large

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Marion Lake

Description: Marion Lake is located in western Charlevoix County, in terrain consisting of scores of glacial drumlins. Also

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Mud Lake

Description: Mud Lake is located by Petoskey State Park in Emmet County. Although it is a half mile

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Munro Lake

Description: Munro Lake is located in Cheboygan County, just north of Douglas Lake. Formed by glaciers, it is relatively

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Nowland Lake

Description: Nowland Lake is a small lake located in western Charlevoix County, to the southwest of Ironton. Although

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Spring Lake

Description: Monitoring and Research:   Additional Resources: See additional resources on our Aquavist page. Media Gallery:

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Susan Lake

Description: Susan Lake is located in northern Charlevoix County, approximately 4 miles from downtown Charlevoix. It is shallow,

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Thayer Lake

Description: Monitoring and Research: Thayer Lake is a small, shallow, biologically productive lake located in central Antrim County.

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Thumb Lake

Description: Thumb Lake (or Lake Louise) is a glacially formed kettle lake that sits in the headwaters of

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Torch Lake

Description: Torch Lake is one of the most extraordinary lakes in Michigan. Its surface area is second largest

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Twin Lake

Description: Located just north of Black Lake in northeast Cheboygan County, Twin Lakes stands apart from other lakes

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Walloon Lake

Description: Walloon Lake’s rolling glacial terrain surrounds its deep waters, including its five distinct depressions or basins: Foot

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Wycamp Lake

Description: Wycamp Lake is a small, shallow lake in northern Emmet County. Much of its shoreline is state-owned.

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We are pleased to share any news and information about your lake, along with photographs. 

Lake Page Information and Inquiries

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