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Protecting Northern Michigan's ​Water Resources

Water Resources Education

Water Resources Education Program (WREP)

The Water Resources Education Program (WREP) is a program that engages students in introductory, foundation-laying, watershed experiences that enhance the local curriculum, increase water resources literacy and foster stewardship ethic in a team structure. As part of WREP, students will research and investigate a water resources issue and identify the need for action through learning about their surrounding community.
  • Participate in a long term, meaningful water resources experience that includes learning both outdoors and in the classroom with activities designed to increase watershed science literacy.
  • Learn to investigate environmental issues, identify actions to address these issues and learn the value of those actions.
  • Become aware of local issues and select a focus for deeper investigation.
  • Learn about their selected focus through the development of a stewardship action plan.
  • Practice life skills while implementing stewardship action plan.

Essential program elements:

  1. Interested, dedicated teacher – Teachers will have support from Watershed Council staff to integrate knowledge of environmental issues and watershed concepts into their current curriculum.
  2. Curriculum Integration– Every effort will be made to integrate into classroom curriculum providing authentic, age appropriate, engaging multi-disciplinary content to address current standards. Each classroom team will have an individualized experience based on interest within the group.​
  3. Learn Local Spectrum/Place Based Education – This program promotes learning from the local community and environment and is the primary resource for the student experience. Learning about local and regional issues creates a connection to community that will foster a stewardship ethic within the team.
  4. Team Service – Watershed Council education staff will provide a framework of experiences including classroom sessions, support for site experiences, and resource support of a team stewardship project.
  5. Resource Persons  Provides experience with local resource persons based on team stewardship projects to further strengthen the “Learn Local Spectrum.” ​

This video shows the WREP teams that participated during the 2018/2019 school year and their completed projects.

​Invest in the next generation
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Your support is needed to continue our youth education programming.
If you would like to support our
​WREP program, please contact Eli Baker at (231) 347-1181. 

Funding for the WREP program has been generously provided by: