Protecting Northern Michigan's ​Water Resources

GIS, Mapping, & Natural Resource Inventories

We develop and print maps of lakes, streams, or other water features. Maps can be made for entire water bodies, individual shoreline properties, or specific areas. Any information available can be included on the map, such as lake-bottom contours or survey results. 

Natural Resource Inventories
We perform natural resource inventories at any scale (county to individual property) to assist local units of government, lake associations, and others with planning efforts. Data layers available for inventory maps include wetlands, lakes, streams, land use, soils, water tables, contours, roads, water quality data, contaminated areas, zoning information, and more. 

Spatial Analyses
To address specific water resource problems or questions, we perform spatial analyses using geographical data. Examples of analyses include examining landuse change over time and prioritizing land conservation for water quality protection.To address specific water resource problems or questions, we perform spatial analyses using geographical data. Examples of analyses include examining landuse change over time and prioritizing land conservation for water quality protection.

GIS Data

These GIS polygon data layers were developed by TOMWC using digital orthophotography (i.e., aerial photos) to provide improved lake shoreline delineations, as well as more accurate perimeter and area statistics. The zip files are named by lake with a suffix indicating the year of the aerial photographs used to develop the data layer.

Available Shoreline Surveys

2022 Larks Lake Shoreline SurveyLarks Lake, Shoreline Surveyslarks-lake shoreline-surveys inland-lakes
2022 Burt Lake Shoreline SurveyBurt Lake, Shoreline Surveysburt shoreline-surveys inland-lakes
2022 Bass Lake Shoreline SurveyBass Lake, Shoreline Surveysbass-lake shoreline-surveys inland-lakes
2018 Lake Charlevoix Shoreline SurveyShoreline Surveysshoreline-surveys
2017 Torch Lake Shoreline SurveyShoreline Surveys, Torch Lakeshoreline-surveys torch-lake inland-lakes
2017 Thayer Lake Shoreline SurveyShoreline Surveys, Thayer Lakeshoreline-surveys thayer-lake inland-lakes
2017 Skegemog Lake Shoreline SurveyShoreline Surveys, Skegemog Lakeshoreline-surveys skegemog-lake inland-lakes
2017 Lake Bellaire Shoreline SurveyLake Bellaire, Shoreline Surveyslake-bellaire shoreline-surveys inland-lakes
2017 Elk Lake Shoreline SurveyElk Lake, Shoreline Surveyselk-lake shoreline-surveys inland-lakes
2017 Clam Lake Shoreline SurveyClam Lake, Shoreline Surveysclam-lake shoreline-surveys inland-lakes
2017 Black Lake Shoreline SurveyBlack Lake, Shoreline Surveysblack-lake shoreline-surveys inland-lakes
2016 Wilson Lake Shoreline SurveyShoreline Surveys, Wilson Lakeshoreline-surveys wilson-lake inland-lakes
2016 Walloon Lake Shoreline SurveyShoreline Surveys, Walloon Lakeshoreline-surveys walloon-lake inland-lakes
2016 St. Clair Lake Shoreline SurveyShoreline Surveys, St. Clair Lakeshoreline-surveys st-clair-lake inland-lakes
2016 Six Mile Lake Shoreline SurveyShoreline Surveys, Six Mile Lakeshoreline-surveys six-mile-lake inland-lakes
2016 Mullett Lake Shoreline SurveyMullett Lake, Shoreline Surveysmullett-lake shoreline-surveys inland-lakes
2016 Hanley Lake Shoreline SurveyHanley Lake, Shoreline Surveyshanley-lake shoreline-surveys inland-lakes
2016 Ellsworth Lake Shoreline SurveyEllsworth Lake, Shoreline Surveysellsworth-lake shoreline-surveys inland-lakes
2016 Ben Way Lake Shoreline SurveyBen-Way Lake, Shoreline Surveysben-way-lake shoreline-surveys inland-lakes
2015 Huffman Lake Shoreline SurveyHuffman Lake, Shoreline Surveyshuffman-lake shoreline-surveys inland-lakes
2015 Douglas Lake Shoreline SurveyDouglas Lake, Shoreline Surveysdouglas-lake shoreline-surveys inland-lakes
2014 Wildwood Lake Shoreline SurveyShoreline Surveys, Wildwood Lakeshoreline-surveys wildwood-lake inland-lakes
2014 Silver Lake Shoreline SurveyShoreline Surveys, Silver Lakeshoreline-surveys silver-lake inland-lakes
2014 Round Lake Shoreline SurveyRound Lake, Shoreline Surveysround-lake shoreline-surveys inland-lakes
2014 Lance Lake Shoreline SurveyLance Lake, Shoreline Surveyslance-lake shoreline-surveys inland-lakes
2012 Crooked-Pickerel Lakes Shoreline SurveyCrooked Lake, Pickerel Lake, Shoreline Surveyscrooked-lake pickerel-lake shoreline-surveys inland-lakes