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Protecting Northern Michigan's ​Water Resources


Important Documents In our Resource Library

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Understanding Shoreline Erosion
Turf Tips for the Homeowner
Turf Tips for Homeowners
The Waters Edge MDNR
The Gem Lakes of Northern Michigan
Testing PFAS to Protect Public Health
Swimmer’s Itch Partnership Manual
Stormwater For Kids Activity Sheets
St Clair River and Impacts on Lake Michigan-Huron Lake Levels
Site Application Merganser Control Programs
Shoreline Protection
Septic Systems and Flooding Events FAQs
Septic Success Stories Of Northern Michigan
Sensible Shorelines
Rain Garden Mural: Inspiring Nature-based Stormwater Solutions
Quality Assurance Project Plan for Volunteer Stream Monitoring Programs
Protecting Your Private Water Supply In An Emergency
Proper Septic System Maintenance: A Guide for Michigan Homeowners
Please Don’t Feed the Waterfowl
Pipeline Safety Statute
PFAS Sampling Request Form
Petoskey hosts fourth grade STEM day – Petoskey News Review
Petoskey elementary students teachers prepare for hands on STEM learning day – The Petoskey News Review
Northern Michigan’s Native Plants
Northern Michigan Native Plants
Northern Michigan Area Contingency Plan
No Fertilizer Zone Chart
New Technical Services Brochure
Natural Shorelines for Inland Lakes
Native Plants of Northern Michigan
Native Plants of Michigan
Mitigating potential vessel anchor strike to Line 5 at the Straits of Mackinac
Michigan Swimmer’s Itch Partnership
Michigan DNR gives 1.7M in grants for state fish, aquatic systems – The Detroit News
Living with the Lakes: Understanding and Adapting to Great Lakes Water Level Changes
Little Traverse Bay Watershed Road/Stream Crossing Inventory
Little Traverse Bay Watershed Protection Plan – 2007-2012 and Beyond Brochure – Side 2
Little Traverse Bay Watershed Protection Plan – 2007-2012 and Beyond Brochure – Side 1
Little Black River Flood Plain Management Study (1997) by the Natural Resource Conservation Service
Landscape Alternatives for Invasive Plants of the Midwest
Landscape Alternatives for Invasive Plants
Lake Superior Regulation: Addressing Uncertainty in Upper Great Lakes Water Levels Summary Report
Lake Superior Regulation: Addressing Uncertainty in Upper Great Lakes Water Levels Full Report
Inland Lakes and Septic Systems
Impacts on Upper Great Lakes Water Levels: St Clair River Summary Report
Impacts on Upper Great Lakes Water Levels: St Clair River Full Report
IJC Advice to Governments on the Recommendations of the International Upper Great Lakes Study
How to Plant A Rain Garden
Homeowner Brochure on the Use of Phosphorus Free Fertilizers
Home Moving – FAQs
High Water Levels – Questions and Answers
Guide to Phosphorous Free Fertilizers
Guidance for Septic Systems Before, During, and After a Flood
Group recommends city prohibit seawalls and ban private beaches to protect Lake Charlevoix – Petoskey News Review
Great Lake Commission Annual Report of the Great Lakes Regional Water Use Database
Grand Traverse Bay Watershed Center Waterfront Resource Guide
Fertilizing Tips
Federal Region 5 Regional Contingency Plan
Evaluation of technologies to assess the condition of pipe coating on Line 5
Evaluation of identified underwater technologies to enhance leak detection of the dual Line 5 pipelines
Enhancing safety and reducing potential impacts at Line 5 water crossings
Emmet County Wetland Changes
Current Great Lakes Water Levels – FAQs
Comprehensive Water Quality Monitoring (CWQM)
Common Merganser Control Policy and Procedures
Climate 101 Fact Sheet
Cheboygan River Watershed Habitat Partnership Conservation Area Plan
Cheboygan County Wetland Changes
Charlevoix Wetland Changes
Charlevoix County middle schoolers learn how to protect local watershed – Up North Live
Celebrating Mother Earth
Boaters Guide to Preventing Invasive Species
Boaters Guide to Good Environmental Stewardship
Antrim County Wetland Changes
Alternatives for replacing Enbridge’s dual Line 5 pipelines crossing the Straits of Mackinac
Alternative Cleaning Products for Boaters
After the Storm – A Citizen’s Guide to Understanding Stormwater
A Sense of Place: Lessons Learned by Wading in a Stream – The Michigan Riparian
3 Metro Detroit groups get part of $600,000 in water pollution reduction grants – The Detroit News
2106 What Climate Change Means for Michigan
2104 Best Practices for Climate Change Adaptation
2024 Spring Newsletter
2024 Mullett Lake, Lower Black/Cheboygan Rivers Watershed Management Plan
2024 Black Lake Watershed Report
2023 Summer Newsletter
2023 Lake Charlevoix Vision and Shoreline Protection Report
2023 Fall Newsletter
2023 Bass Lake Aquatic Vegetation Survey
2022 Watershed Academy Brochure
2022 Spring Newsletter
2022 Larks Lake Watershed Management Plan
2022 Larks Lake Shoreline Survey
2022 Huffman Aquatic Invasive Species
2022 Elk River Chain of Lakes Watershed Management Plan
2022 Burt Lake Shoreline Survey
2022 Burt Lake Septic Solutions
2022 Bass Lake Shoreline Survey
2021 Torch Lake Aquatic Plant Survey
2021 Torch Lake Aquatic Plant
2021 Summer Newsletter
2021 Spring Newsletter
2021 Fall Newsletter
2021 Coastal Grand Traverse Bay Watershed Plan
2021 Annual Report
2020 Winter Newsletter
2020 Walloon Lake Shoreline Survey
2020 Summer Newsletter
2020 Spring Newsletter
2020 Pickerel & Crooked Lakes Aquatic Plant Survey
2020 Marion Lake CWQM
2020 Larks Lake Aquatic Survey
2020 Annual Report
2019 Winter Newsletter
2019 Summer Newsletter
2019 Spring Newsletter
2019 PFAS Summary Report
2019 Douglas Lake Aquatic Plant Survey
2019 Annual Report
2018 Winter Newsletter
2018 Summer Newsletter
2018 Spring Newsletter
2018 Septic Emmet County Septic Question Report
2018 Lake Charlevoix Shoreline Survey
2018 Clean Boating Brochure
2018 Burt Lake Watershed Management Plan
2018 Black Lake Tributary Study
2018 Annual Report
2017 Winter Newsletter
2017 Torch Lake Shoreline Survey
2017 Thayer Lake Shoreline Survey
2017 Summer Newsletter
2017 Spring Newsletter
2017 Skegemog Lake Shoreline Survey
2017 Septic Cheboygan County Septic Question Report
2017 Lake Bellaire Shoreline Survey
2017 Elk Lake Shoreline Survey
2017 Climate Change Adaptation Lessons
2017 Clam Lake Shoreline Survey
2017 Black Lake Shoreline Survey
2017 Annual Report
2016 Winter Newsletter
2016 Wilson Lake Shoreline Survey
2016 Walloon Lake Shoreline Survey
2016 Summer Newsletter
2016 St. Clair Lake Shoreline Survey
2016 Spring Newsletter
2016 Six Mile Lake Shoreline Survey
2016 Septic Lake Charlevoix Septic Question Report
2016 Septic Antrim County Septic Question Report
2016 Mullett Lake Shoreline Survey
2016 Lake Charlevoix Watershed Recommendations
2016 Lake Charlevoix Watershed Homeowner’s Guide
2016 Intermediate Lake Shoreline Survey
2016 Hanley Lake Shoreline Survey
2016 Emmet County Property Owner’s Permit Guide
2016 Ellsworth Lake Shoreline Survey
2016 Elk River Chain Of Lakes Watershed Property Owner’s Permit Guide
2016 Elk River Chain of Lakes Invasive Species Monitoring
2016 Duncan and Grass Bays Watershed Management Plan
2016 Climate Change Adaptation for Coastal Wetlands
2016 Burt Lake Watershed Resource Inventory Summary
2016 Burt Lake Aquatic Plant Survey
2016 Ben Way Lake Shoreline Survey
2016 Beals and Scotts Lake Shoreline Survey
2016 Annual Report
2015 Winter Newsletter
2015 Understanding Northern Michigan Pipelines
2015 Summer Newsletter
2015 Spring Newsletter
2015 Mullett Lake Partial Aquatic Plant Survey
2015 Lake Charlevoix Tributary Project Report
2015 Huffman Lake Shoreline Survey
2015 Elk Lake Aquatic Vegetation Survey
2015 Douglas Lake Shoreline Survey
2015 Clean Water And Our Local Economy
2015 Annual Report
2014-2015 Elk River Invasive Species Monitoring Project Report
2014 Winter Newsletter
2014 Wildwood Lake Shoreline Survey
2014 Summer Newsletter
2014 Spring Newsletter
2014 Silver Lake Shoreline Survey
2014 Round Lake Shoreline Survey
2014 Lance Lake Shoreline Survey
2014 Lake Charlevoix Watershed Property Owner’s Permit Guide
2014 Lake Charlevoix Clean Water and Our Local Economy
2014 Climate Change Adaptation & Local Planning for Michigan’s Coastal Wetland Resources
2014 Cheboygan County Local Ordinance Gaps Analysis
2014 Black Lake Aquatic Plant Survey
2014 Annual Report
2013-14 Lake Charlevoix Tributary Monitoring Study
2013 Winter Newsletter
2013 Walloon Lake Aquatic Vegetation Survey
2013 Summer Newsletter
2013 Spring Newsletter
2013 Natural Gas Oil Drilling And Water
2013 Long Lake Aquatic Plant Survey
2013 Lake Bellaire and Clam Lake Aquatic Plant Survey
2013 Emmet County Local Ordinance Gaps Analysis
2013 Annual Report
2012 Walloon Lake Wetlands and Tributary Assessment
2012 Spring Newsletter
2012 Lakes at the Top of the Lower Peninsula Profile CWQM
2012 Lake Charlevoix Watershed Management Plan
2012 Lake Charlevoix Profile
2012 Crooked-Pickerel Lakes Shoreline Survey
2012 Climate Change Adaptation Plan
2012 Burt Lake Tributary Monitoring Report
2012 Annual Report
2011 Walloon Lake Profile CWQM
2011 Walloon Lake Greenbelt Survey
2011 Lake Charlevoix Riparian Survey
2011 Elk-Skegemog Lakes Profile CWQM
2011 Charlevoix County Local Ordinance Gaps Analysis
2011 Burt Lake Profile
2011 Antrim County Local Ordinance Gaps Analysis
2010 Winter Newsletter
2010 Summer Newsletter
2010 Spring Newsletter
2010 Small Gem Lakes Profile
2010 Lake Bellaire, Clam Lake, Torch Lake Shoreline Algal Survey
2010 Elk River Chain of Lakes Profile CWQM
2010 Crooked-Pickerel Lakes Headwaters of the Inland Waterway Profile CWQM
2010 Adams Lake Aquatic Plant Survey
2010 Adams Lake Aquatic Plant Survey
2009 Winter Newsletter
2009 Survey Results and Management Recommendations For Phragmites and Quagga Mussels In the Cheboygan River Watershed
2009 Summer Newsletter
2009 Spring Newsletter
2009 Paradise Lake Profile CWQM
2009 Mullett Lake Profile CWQM
2009 Burt Lake Watershed Property Owner’s Permit Guide
2009 Annual Report
2008 Paradise Lake Aquatic Plant Survey
2007 Thumb Lake Nutrient Pollution Survey
2007 Protecting Michigan’s Wetlands A Guide For Local Governments
2007 Mullett Lake Aquatic Plant Survey
2007 Little Traverse Bay Watershed Management Plan
2006 Wycamp Lake Aquatic Plant Survey
2006 Living With The Lakes Understanding The Impacts Of Vegetation Removal And Beach Maintenance
2005 A Citizen’s Guide To Water Quality Permitting
2003 Michigan Wetlands Yours To Protect A Citizen’s Guide To Wetland Protection
1998 Living With Michigans Wetlands A Landowner’s Guide