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Protecting Northern Michigan's ​Water Resources

Inland Lakes

Nowland Lake

Description: Nowland Lake is a small lake located in western Charlevoix County, to the southwest of Ironton. Although largely pristine, the lake has some agriculture just north of the public […]

Mullett Lake

Description: Mullett Lake is a large, deep, high-quality lake with 200 billion gallons within its basin. It is part of northeast Michigan’s Inland Waterway and is the state’s fifth largest […]

Munro Lake

Description: Munro Lake is located in Cheboygan County, just north of Douglas Lake. Formed by glaciers, it is relatively small and shallow compared to other Northern Michigan inland lakes. Water from […]

Mud Lake

Description: Mud Lake is located by Petoskey State Park in Emmet County. Although it is a half mile from Lake Michigan, Mud Lake is in the Cheboygan River Watershed which […]

Long Lake (Cheboygan County)

Description: Long Lake is located in the northern tip of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan; in Aloha Township (T36N.-R1W-S1,2,3,11,12) in northeast Cheboygan County. It is nestled between Mullett and Black […]

Larks Lake

Description: Larks Lake is a quiet, shallow, and largely pristine lake in northern Emmet County. Although moderately large in terms of surface area, depths are limited to just a few […]

Lance Lake

Description: Lance Lake is a small albeit deep lake in Nunda Township of Cheboygan County. The southern half of the lake is residential while the northern half is largely undeveloped. […]

Lancaster Lake

Description: Lancaster Lake is a small, deep lake to the north of Douglas Lake in Cheboygan County. The lake’s shoreline is largely undeveloped, with wetlands present along its southern, western, […]