Protecting Northern Michigan's ​Water Resources


Tannery Creek

Description: The headwaters of Tannery Creek are in the hills and wetlands by Atkins Rd. to the east of Petoskey. Here, the creek has high water quality and cold temperatures […]

Stover Creek

Description: Stover Creek begins its journey near Ferry Rd. in central Marion Township. From there, it flows through beautiful lowlands forested with cedars and firs, sometimes passing by tall sandy […]

Mullett Creek

Description: Mullett Creek is the third largest tributary of Mullett Lake, behind the Pigeon River and the Indian River. It is fed by cold groundwater streams at its headwaters, making […]

Minnehaha Creek

Description: Minnehaha Creek begins its journey near the corner of Welsh Rd. and Harmon Rd. in southeast Springvale Township. From there, it flows about 2 miles north, where the Creek […]

Milligan Creek

Description: Milligan Creek is a large tributary of the Upper Black River, and flows into the river just below the Kleber Dam. From its headwaters in Duby Lake, the creek […]