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Protecting Northern Michigan's ​Water Resources


Sturgeon River

Description: The Sturgeon River is famous for its speed, it has a slope of nearly 15’ per mile, and undeveloped forested banks, with overhanging trees and quick turns as obstacles […]

Pigeon River

Description: The Pigeon River flows through sandy pine forests and dense lowland swamps as it meanders its way through northern Otsego and southern Cheboygan Counties, on its journey to Mullett […]

Maple River

Description: The Maple River is one of the lesser-known excellent-quality large streams in Northern Michigan. Sections of the river can be a pleasant paddle or time well spent with one’s […]

Jordan River

Description: When one thinks of a pristine, natural river, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For many in northwestern Michigan, that would be the Jordan River. From […]

Crooked River

Description: The Crooked River is about 10 km long and connects Crooked Lake with Burt Lake. The river channel is dredged to provide recreational boating access between the two lakes. A lock and dam operated […]

Carp Lake River

Description: The Carp Lake River is a 10.5 mile long river located in Emmet County. It is one of only five locations in the world where the critically endangered Hungerford’s […]

Boyne River

Description: You can’t start at the mouth of the Boyne River and swim upstream to some of the tallest hills in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula without running into some obstacles. In […]

Bear River

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE LAKE STREET DAM ENGINEERING ALTERNATIVES STUDY Description: Today, all but two of the historic dams have been removed from the river, restoring a more natural flow […]