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Protecting Northern Michigan's ​Water Resources

Russian Creek

Russian Creek is a small, yet incredibly loved, stream on the south side of Petoskey. The creek begins its journey at North Central Michigan College, and flows through the College’s natural area. Here, students can relax next to the creek’s clear, flowing waters as they hike the trails through forests of cedar, fir, and birch. Russian Creek flows into the Bear River about a mile upstream of Standish Avenue.

Overview of Russian Creek

Volunteer Stream Monitoring
Russian Creek is a small feeder tributary of the Bear River that drains the Natural Area at North Central Michigan College. Since 2008, staff and students from the college have monitored the creek at one site near the mouth. Diversity is lower compared to most streams we monitor, but actually quite similar to the nearby Bear River site at Mineral Well Park. The lower numbers may simply be due to the small size of the creek, but could also be the result of stormwater pollution from surrounding agricultural and urban areas.