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Protecting Northern Michigan's ​Water Resources

Watch out for septic warning signs!

Watch out for the warning signs!
Many of us rely on septic systems for wastewater treatment. A failing or improperly maintained septic system can introduce nutrients, pathogens, pharmaceuticals, and other pollutants to our lakes and streams (the very ones we’re swimming in right now!)
A failing septic system may be especially noticeable in the form of increased plant and algae growth, which can make boating and swimming undesirable. It can also make it unsafe for swimming due to disease-causing bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other pathogens.
Watch for these warning signs that your septic system might be be failing!
1. Wet areas, lush grass, or foul odors around the drain field.
2. Sinks or toilets backing up or draining slowly
3. Algae and plant growth or a distinctly colored patch of bottom sediment developing near the drain field.