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Protecting Northern Michigan's ​Water Resources

Kory Alaniz

Little Traverse Bay Watershed Advisory Committee

The Little Traverse Bay Watershed Protection Plan was approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality in 2007.   The goal of the plan is to […]

Little Traverse Bay Watershed Protection Plan

Little Traverse Bay Watershed is at an important crossroads. On one road lies the degraded water quality that will result if past abuses are left uncorrected and the development predicted […]

Lake Street Dam Engineering Alternatives Study

The survey for the Bear River Lake Street Dam Engineering Alternatives Study is now closed. Public input was requested and factored into the study. The study is part of a Great […]

Pipeline Permitting Webinar

WEBINAR Pipeline Permitting in Michigan: How To Effectively Participate in the Decision-making Process In September 2019, the Watershed Council hosted a webinar, Pipeline Permitting in Michigan: How to Effective Participate in […]

Citizen Involvement Guidelines

Developing Comments Be Brief and Objective: State your opinion in a straightforward and objective manner. Your comment will become part of the public record. Identify your Experience, if applicable: If you are […]

Permitting for Water Resource Impacts

State Permitting  Many pipeline projects take place on or near a land/water interface including, a lake, river, Great Lake, pond, dam, wetland, floodplain, drain, ditch, swamp, shoreline, stream, creek, or […]